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Software for relative rib / indentation area of reinforcing bars


Many functions!

• Ease of use
• Import from 3D SCANNER
• 100% automatic calculation procedure of the relative rib area in accordance with EN ISO 15630 and main international standards
• Quick and intuitive procedure
• Clear and easy to read measurement result
• Connection with external databases
• Possibility of carrying out additional measurements directly on the 3D model of the bar
• Personalized printout of the test report
• Possibility of carrying out a complete geometric check
• Possibility to customize the list of calculated parameters
• Software updates with regulatory revisions
• Export of numerical results in various formats

STEEL-TEST is an innovative solution for the calculation of the ADHERENCE INDEX on steel bars through the integration of a dedicated and very high precision 3d laser scanner and a plug-in software to obtain automatically this index. The 3d scanning device allows to obtain and analyze the sections of the 3d model, to evaluate the symmetry and the geometries of the bar and to carry out a 3d quality control procedure through the automatic alignment of the 3d model of the scanned bar with a reference model to obtain an evaluation (both qualitative and numerical) of the differences between the two models by calculating the error map.

The STEEL-TEST plug-in software,associated with the scanning device,allows to calculate the adherence index on steel reinforcing bars according to the UNI EN ISO 15630-1, through a procedure that detects automatically the bar rows and recognizes all types of ribs by viewing them in section. Furthermore, the software allows to create a customized report and the printing of the certificate.

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