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Advanced simulator for packaging & bottling


Many functions,
one software!

• Bottle automatic alignment
• Star simulation
• 3D screw simulation
• Complete bottling / packaging machine simulation
• CAD-CAM interface

PACK-SIM, is an innovative software plug-in designed and developed by Scanny3D S.r.l., with many functions for the fast and completely automatic design of SCREWS and COUNTER SCREWS, as well as the realization of the STARS profiles to be included in machines of BOTTLING and PACKAGING lines. Improvements in this latest version of the software allow the creation of 3D screws and counter screws of any kind (transport, turning, grouping, inversion, separation, etc.) for bottles and containers of any shape and size, even for SHAPED BOTTLES. The software plug-in PACK-SIM integrates the many features contained in the 3D ROTATING LASER SCANNER, also produced by Scanny3D, to provide a complete, automatic and versatile solution.

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