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Accurate and fast 3D foot scanner


New version, Accurate and Fast !

Main Features:

• Automatic generation of the 3D model of the foot
• Automatic foot measurement
• Evaluation of main anthropometric measures
• Morphological evaluation of the foot
• Evaluation of the foot evolution over time
• Acquisition of the plantar footprint
• Acquisition of the footprint from phenolic imprinted foam
• Possibility to acquire the foot "in load" or "out of load"
• Aid for the study of custom-made and orthopedic shoes

The FOOTFLASH-3D instrument is an automatic 3D laser scanner that allows to obtain in a few seconds the 3D model of the foot, the plantar footprint and all the anthropometric measurements of the foot.
It's possible to compare the 3D model between the right foot and the left foot of the same person, or to make a comparison of the same foot acquired after some time.
Furthermore, it's also possible to acquire and measure the foot in different positions, for example in load (person standing), out of load (seated person), in load with raised support of the hill.
It's a fundamental tool for the diagnosis of structural and/or functional anomalies of the foot and for the study and design of custom-made and orthopedic shoes.

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