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Electronic Video Podoscope


New version with 3 FULL-HD cameras !

Many functions,
one device!

A valid aid for:
• Morphological evaluation of the foot
• Accurate foot measurement
• Evaluation of footprint and plantar loads
• Detection of varus and valgus foot
• Hallux valgus evaluation
• Monitoring of pathologies evolution over time
• Postural assessment

PODOFLASH device is an automatic electronic podoscope that allows to obtain photos, contours, plantar footprints and foot measurements in a few seconds (lengths, widths, angles and plantar axes). It is possible to get photos of hindfoot and forefoot at the same time. The device also offers the possibility of importing a pressure map (from baropodometric platforms) to assess plantar pressure and posture. An integrated database allows to manage all the clinical data of the examined patients. It is an essential device for the diagnosis of structural and/or functional foot disorders and for the design of orthotic solutions for the correction of possible pathologies.

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