About Us

Spheror is a product designed and developed entirely by Scanny3d s.r.l. for the creation of photos, videos, technical datasheets, catalogues and interactive videos in high definition for web publication.

The company has decades of experience in terms of design and production of 3D laser scanning systems and of the development of CAD-CAM software for industry.

The principal product is a compact rotary 3D scanner, available in different versions and dimensions, where the object to digitize is placed on a rotating plate and the scanning is at 360°. The software is easy to use and it interfaces with the most common CAD system.

The SCANNY3D laser systems can acquire simultaneously both shape and color, in order to perform an high resolution 3D model. Among the many included functions there are: the recognition of profiles and designs on the object acquired, their automatic vectorization in 3D curves and the quality control through comparison with a 3D model of reference.

Recently the company has presented two new products dedicated to mechanics:

1) TRACER - a digital profilometer for the quality control of 2D profiles, i.e. metal sheets, gaskets, extruded profiles, etc.
2) EXPLINE - a double-line 3D laser scanner able to acquire the entire surface of the object at 360° in few seconds.

There are also numerous products dedicated to the medical area, particularly in the orthopedic field, for the complete scanning of the human body and its parts and the foot scanning.

Scanny3D products are “Made in Italy”, designed and developed entirely in Italy and currently distributed worldwide.