Software: colour scanning

3D COLOUR scanning
The new COLOUR 3D laser scanner in desktop version

3D colour scanning
The new version of the rotating scanner allows to obtain a 3D colour scanning in high definition and through dedicated software modules it is very innovative for the footwear industry since it allows to obtain, over the geometry of a last or an heel or a sole, also the style lines drawn with a pencil or on the real object.
The colour acquisition (texture) which happens through a digital internal room in high definition, is very fast (about 1-2 minutes).
The 3D colour model obtained contains an high definition (more than 4 Megapixel) colour image (texture) and it can be exported in various graphic formats and therefore it can be used by other CAD software.
The users of CAD-CAM systems for the footwear industry can import, with simplicity and rapidity, in their working environment both the geometries of a last and the style lines drawn on it. That allows the stylist/designer to save time in the whole process of creation of a shoe’s model.
The possibility to acquire only the colours (texture) is very important for the stylist/designer of footwear because it allows to perform the geometrical scanning of a last only one time (or load an external 3D model of a last) then acquire the style lines of several models applied or drawn on the same last (shells).
Regarding the archaeological-artistic field a colour scanning obtained from SCANNY3D generated an high definition 3D model. From the 3D model is possible to visualise or edit the sections defined by a "cut plane" interactively positioned by the operator. The sections so obtained could be exported to external CAD software in order to be processed or geometrically analysed.


Software developed by: GEAWARE di Ciucci dr. Tonino - Torre San Patrizio (FM) - Italy