The SCANNY3D's software allows to manage the hardware scanning device , to view and edit the 3D models acquired, to export the 3D models acquired to most popular CAD-CAM systems.
Some buttons allow to manage the 3D scanning procedure, in an easy and intuitive way, even for not specialized operators.
The commands included in the main window of the software allow to manage entirely the hardware device, in order to position the physical object correctly or to set right parameters.
In order to make a good scanning it is possible to have a fast colour preview image of the object to acquire. The software allows to save and export the preview image with a real scale factor and a ratio of 1:1 for future processing.
From the 3D model acquired it is possible to view and edit all the sections calculated by a "cutting plane" defined interactively by the operator; these sections can be exported to other CAD software in order to evaluate and process them.
Simple and intuitive graphical interface.
A 3D scan of an object with SCANNY3D is as simple as scanning a photo with a standard 2D scanner.
The dialog windows allow to use many features of the software easily.
It is possible to analyze in detail the different parts of the 3D model detected from SCANNY3D, as well as analyze the various sections of the model.

List of main functions of the software:
  • Export in different formats (DXF, STL, ASCII, IGES, STEP, 3DM, VRML, OBJ, PLY...) to interface with all CAD-CAM systems
  • Exporting of the preview image of the real object with a scale factor of 1:1
  • Possibility to cut the 3D model interactively with a cutting plane
  • Possibility to edit one section captured by the scanning system
  • Exporting of one or all sections, in 2D or 3D
  • Possibility to create a video in AVI format during rotating of the 3D model
  • Functions to centre or align automatically the 3D model
  • Functions to process the surfaces of the 3D model: Smoothing, polish, etc.
  • Automatic detection of the borders for heels or lasts of footwear (more information...)
  • Automatic calibration procedure to setting the mechanical parts
  • Possibility to define a different step of scanning for each zone of the model
  • Automatic vectorization of style lines present on the coloured surface of the 3D model
  • Function for the 3D quality control between the model scanned and the reference one
Software developed by: GEAWARE® - Torre San Patrizio (FM) - Italy