Automatic contour digitizing system and quality control of 2D profiles

TRACER - MINI version

  • Completely automatic scanning
  • It doesn’t need maintenance work
  • Small dimension and low weight
  • Easy to use, even by unskilled users
  • It can acquire the contours of many pieces simultaneously
  • Easy connection to PC via USB (special hardware isn’t required)
  • Recognition of internal and external contours
  • Integration PDM for measures management
  • Functions for quality control through the comparison with reference profiles
  • Integrated features for printed technical datasheets of scanned data
  • It can interface with the common CAD-CAM systems

  • Automatic contour digitizing system for pieces in any material and shape
  • Profiles digitizing (also in backlight)
  • Measurements of area, perimeter, distance, radius, etc
  • Quality control by sample
  • Automatic 2D vectorization of solid pieces

  • Vector (2D): DXF, IGS, ASCII
  • Raster (2D): BMP, JPEG

Optical unit with LED lighting system

Quality control on profiles of any material and shape (plastic, metal, cardboard, etc.)
Compact system for automatic measurement and quality control on gaskets
Click here to download the brochure in PDF.

Technical Datasheet:
Scanning area: 200 mm (Width) X 150 mm (Depth)
Accuracy: < 0.02 mm
Max pieces number: Unlimited
Scanning method: Based on a high definition digital color camera
Scanning time: < 3 sec. (on whole area)
Power absorbed: 10 W max (with light switched on); power supply 19v 2A
PC interface: USB 2.0
External dimensions: 400 (Width) x 280 (Depth) x 530 (Height) mm
Weight: 10 Kg


Comparison between 2 profiles

Automatic checking of quotes

Quality control report

Editing of detected profiles

Scanning of metal profiles

Error evaluation from the reference profile

Click here o download the technical sheet in PDF.