The new 3D scanner with double line-laser ultra-fast!

3D laser scanner model EXPLINE

  • Affordable price
  • It does not need maintenance work
  • Small Dimensions and Low Weight
  • Easy to use, even by unskilled users
  • Completely automatic scanning
  • High scanning speed (typical scanning time: 5-10 minutes depending on the complexity of the object)
  • Scanning Preview
  • Automatic Calibration Process
  • Customising according to the needs of our customers
  • Easy Connection to common PC
  • Contemporary Acquisition of shape and colour (optional) to perform an high fidelity colour 3D model
  • The software issued can be interfaced with the more common CAD-CAM systems

  • Reverse engineering (CAD-CAM)
  • Quality Control (by sample)
  • Mechanics (metal sheets, moulds, gears, etc.)
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Plastics, bottles, etc.
  • Footwear (acquisition of lasts, soles, complete shoes)
  • Archaeology (statue and amphorae scanning)
  • Graphic Computer Modelling
  • Technical Moulds Modelling
  • 3D web catalogue

Software functions for digitalization of complex parts in mechanics
  • Ultra-fast scanning
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Automatic surface reconstruction
  • Resolution of undercut problems for complex objects

Technical Datasheet:
Scanning volume: Cylindrical – Diameter 300mm, Height 500mm
Accuracy: 0.05 mm
Scanning step: Selectable for zones: from 0.1 mm to 10 mm
Max. Weight on the plate: 10 Kg
Scanning Method: Rotative 360°, with double laser beam and a colour video camera
Scanning speed: Up to 10.000 points/sec.
Power absorbed: 50 W operating, 2 W in stand-by (power supply 19v 2A)
PC interface: USB 2.0
External dimensions: 490 (Width) X 380 (Depth) X 706 (Heigh) mm
Weight: 16 Kg
Accessories provided:

Power supply 100-240v, Cables, User guide, CD-ROM with software, Supports for different objects, Special paint for transparent objects.


COLOR: 3D color scanning in high definition with texture

Click here to download the technical sheet in PDF.