Human resources

The people who work in our company are our strength and our main resources! We ask human resources for passion, honesty and technical competence and offer a dynamic and open environment in which to express oneself and grow professionally. We strongly believe in the so-called "team game", where people with different specialization, mentality and points of view collaborate and share their knowledge according to the corporate objective, especially in the R & D department of our company which is constantly looking for solutions innovative. For this reason we want to ensure all workers equal opportunities, full integration and growth opportunities in the company.

Job opportunities

Send us your CV for spontaneous applications or select one of the job and internship / internship opportunities that Scanny3d s.r.l. offers at the moment. We recommend that you send us your CV file (in pdf format - not more than 2Mb) In view of future insertion opportunities, we always carefully evaluate the curricula vitae of young people, recent graduates and expert profiles interested in joining our company. We will carefully evaluate your application with the aim of involving you in our staff searches.

Professional profiles

We are always looking for new colleagues ready to put their technical skills into play, with great passion and with the desire to play as a team.
Our company continues to offer interesting professional opportunities that involve several of the most requested business areas and functions.